what are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth
what are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth

This article aims to know about the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on our Life:

Today’s world is the age of technology.

Technology plays a very important role in our life, wheater in education, or business or households. Such as digital devices music devices, tablets, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

I go to different places and events just to watch people. There were almost all people uses technological devices. Some of them using smartphones or music players, laptops, etc.

When I started research on the usage of technology I found that there is a lot of advantages to modern technology but also has the disadvantages of youth.

No doubt technology is improving our lives better. We made technology as an alternate for all difficult tasks.

But we have not to ignore the disadvantages of technology on youth.

Actually, I am basically trying to raise this serious issue by which the people and their talent get destroyed. By the improper use of technology.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth:

first I am going to discuss the disadvantages of modern technology.

That the people also have some knowledge about the negative impacts of technology on youth.

Disadvantages of Technology on Youth for Society:

Some of the disadvantages of technology are given below.

1.Technology Constant Distraction:

Mostly people distracted by technological devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Instead of around environment.

Most people get injured by talking or texting on phones while driving or walking.

They always distracted by technological devices instead of what’s going around. Actually, they miss a great deal about what’s going around.

2.Technology Causes Obesity:

The most and worse effect of technology causes is obesity. Most of the people spending time using technological devices.

They play video games, watching videos or taking on phones with friends and eating unhealthy foods which result in increased obesity.

There activity level decreases. Due to these technological devices.

 3. Technology Causes Poor Sleep Habits:

Technology also causes bad effects on our sleeping habits.

Most of the people get stuck in the technological devices and online activities. Which keeps them wake up too late at night.

The wide brightnesses of technological devices affect the release of melatonin in the sleeping chemical.

4. Technology Cause Lack of Social Skills:

Most people use online social media technologies which cause a lack of social skills.

Our youth spend to much time using social media like Facebook, Instagram, making online friends and communicating with them.

They did not need to go outside and meet people face to face and communicate them face to face. Which causes results in a lack of much needed social skills.

They gave to much time to social media instead of communicating people face to face. Result in they lose the ability to read the social class and body language in other people.

They didn’t know about the behavior and the different social skills. That how to meet people face to face.

5. Environmental Problems Caused by Technology:

I am not ignoring the advantages of technology. There is a lot of advantages of technology which helps us in different fields.

But there are also some bad effects of technology on our lives.

Technology can also harm our environment.

There is a lot of different kinds of factories and industries which use a lot of different technological machines for there works. Which affects our environment badly.

it causes water, sound, and air pollution.

The factories through their chemical wastes in the water and produce a different kind of dangerous gases in the air. It poisons our water and air. By which different kind of diseases arises. It badly affects our health.

Also, it increases global warming. Global warming is increasing day by day. Due to the miss-use of technology.

7. Technology Causes Loss of Hearing and Eyesight:

Technology badly effects on our hearing and eyesight.

The technological devices that we use mostly smartphones, tablets, music players, laptops, etc. Are badly affect our eyes and ears.

Nowadays people used to watch television and used mobile phones all day.

Due to the screen resolution, it badly affects our eyes.it damages our inside eyes cells due to which our eyesight weak. By which we feel complexity in seeing.

And most of the people using the headphones complete day. Which badly affects our hearing.

It damages our ear from inside. by which we feel complexity in hearing sounds.

This is the most dangerous effect of technology on youth.

8. Technology Increase in Crimes:

Technology also increases in crimes. The people use a different kind of devices for the crime.

With the help of technology, they are involving different kinds of illegal activities.

Using computer technology as a medium performing crime. It is not that much different from traditional crimes.

Technology crimes include:

  • e-banking frauds
  • email scam
  • online social networking traps.
  • Illegal information
  • Botnets
  • Unauthorized access to a computer system.
  • Online blackmailing
  • Social media deception.
  • Online business fraud.
  • Technology Crimes Related to Online Games.

These are some types of common technology crimes.

9. Addiction to Technology:

People are also addicted to technology.

Nowadays most of the people used technology devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc) all day. And they get addicted to that.

The addition to technology is very dangerous for people.it causes negative changes in their physical and mental behavior.

We have to use the technology in a proper balancing. We have not used technology all day.

10.Technology Results in a Lack of Interest in Studying:

I found that most of the people used technology all the time and result in a lack of interest in studying.

Nowadays most of the people used the technology(smartphones, laptops) all day. In watching movies, videos or playing games.

They waste their precious time in different activities performing through these devices instead of studying and working hard for their future.

This is the most adverse effect of technology. They get addicted to that. Result in a lack of interest in studying.

11. Technology Causes Social Isolation:

The most and adverse effect of technology is social isolation.

I found that most people spending more and more time using technology.

They ignored their real lives.

Modern technology changes the way of communication and interacting with people. They have not to come out and meet people face to face.

They interact with people through social media. Attending online meetings.

You can connect a lot of people online at a time easily. So they have not to go outside and interact with people and communicate to them face to face.

People may not to go outside and interact with people, make friends in real life and communicate with them.

Later on,  due to this, they lead to depression and loneliness.

12.Technology Dependency:

As technology usage increased day by day in our society. People become dependent on technology.

Nowadays most of the people use the technology for every work. They rely on computer technology and other types of technology for their everyday existence.

When the machine breakdown the people become almost useless. Until the problem solved. This means that they were completely dependent on technology.

This kind of dependency on technology is very harmful to people.

This place the people on different problems. Because by this people become less self-sufficient.

13. Reduction of Creativity and Change in Reasoning:

The most adverse effect of technology on youth is it reduces the creativity of people.

Most of the people dependent on technology gadgets and modern tools. Such as a calculator and other technological devices.

It clearly seems not only the students but also the other adults. Get affected by this. They even cannot perform a simple calculation without the help of a calculator.

This reduced their creativity. this affects the way human uses the brain and creativity.

This is the most dangerous effect of technology on youth.

14.Technology Lower Value of Human Workers:

Modern Technology lowers the value of human workers.it advances the world in every field.

By technology, we perform a different kind of works easily within minutes. There is a lot of different technological devices in every field for work.

Technology makes human valueless. Because the technological devices did all the works within the minutes which required ten people to do.

And other more technological devices machines and gadgets make it easier to work. Which required a lot of effort to do.

The tractors and other heavy vehicles make a possibility for the people to forming.

In the building the towers or houses or shops which required a lot of labors to do work. Due to the technological machines, it did easily with fewer labors and cut the costs.

15. Access To Inappropriate Content:

In my research, I observe different people using technology. I visit different places(schools, colleges, universities, and different companies) to observe people that people use technology. In what way they are using the technology.

I found that most of the teenage people. Special students used technology in a very wrong way. They use technology to access inappropriate content.

They access different types of illegal content like abusive websites, Pornographic websites, violent or other inappropriate content.

This badly effects on people especially students and kids. It could cause a big problem for them.

This kind of contents badly effects on the mind of students and cause a different kind of changes in their behavior.

Advantages of Technology on Youth in Society:

The above all discussion is about the disadvantages of technology on youth.

Now I am going to discuss the advantages of technology on youth.

The advantages of technology include.

1. Technology Benefits to The Health Industry:

Technology plays a very important role also in the health industry.

There is a lot of technological devices used in the hospitals, which allow the doctors to easily monitor the health of the patients.

They can easily check the hearth of the patients, their weight, and other health properties at any time of the day.

In today’s modern world the majority of hospitals used the new modern technology in their hospitals.

There is a lot of technological devices also used in surgical rooms.

2. Solar Technology Benefits:

Solar power is the new invention of technology to get electrical energy from the sun.

Nowadays solar technology is very famous. It is used in homes, offices, buildings, street lights, hand torch, motor cars and even in the factories the solar technology system is used.

Solar technology has a lot of advantages to society.

Solar technology is pollution-free. It does not produce any kind of pollution. Solar technology does not emit greenhouse gases after installation.

The upcoming technology is a complete change from the current technology .the current technology slowly converted to a solar system.

3.Technology Improved Housing and Lifestyles:

Technology plays a very important role in the lifestyles of human lives. It always developing and improving and giving new ideas to people to improve their lives.

Today’s world lifestyle is totally different from the last time. If the people belong to the past see today’s technological world he will be shocked to see the new technological inventions.

Technology always gives new ideas and lifestyle to the people. The people make new inventions for a better life.

4.Technology in Agriculture:

Technology plays a very important role in the agriculture field.

Nowadays forming becomes very easy. There is a lot of technological machines used in the forming, as a different kind of tractor, harvesters, and planters.

it makes the forming very easy for the formers.

Due to this technology, the farmers cultivate a lot of space in less time and with fewer labors easily and cut the costs.

It also helps the formers in transportation. The farmers provide the product in the market at a time from the forms.

5.Uses of Technology in Purchasing:

Nowadays technology plays a very important role in the purchasing. People have nor to go to the markets or shops to buy something.

They can easily buy from homes online through the internet.

There is a lot of online purchasing websites. Which provide online purchasing services.

Like ALIBABA.com, AMAZON.com, etc.

People have not to do a lot of work for that. People have only to open this website or any other kind of e-commerce websites. And select the product they want to purchase enter their details card number or delivery type if they want to give it by hand and click on the purchase button.

The product which they buy is delivered within a few days. They have not to struggle for them.

Also, they can buy food products.there are a lot of shops who provide also online order services. You can contact them and order food. As soon as possible the food delivers to your place.

6.Technology Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is a new concept of technology. Growing up fast and is gaining popularity.

The upcoming technology will be based on artificial intelligence.

The human has not to think anymore because the artificial intelligence will be able to think that what to do and how to do.

7.Technology Better Teaching Techniques:

Technology also helps with education.

there is a lot of electronic devices, gadgets, and other software which help a lot of students in education.

The calculator is the best example of technology. The calculator is a type of device by which we can perform a very hard calculation very easily.

It can perform a lot of calculations by just one click.

The other example is a multimedia projector. Nowadays the multimedia projector is used in every education system. In schools, colleges, universities and other academies to help the students in the study.

By this, the students can easily understand the lectures and learn, and also bring to the classrooms. By which the students cannot be bored and enjoy the lectures.

This is the best advantage of technology for youth in our society.

8. Disables, are Now Able Due to Technology:

Technology made modern science nearly made everything possible.

today’s world is a technology world everything is nearly possible.

There is a lot of gadgets and devices made by which the disabled peoples are now able.

The new artificial foot is recently invented by which the disable peoples who cannot walk by their feet are now able to walk.

There is a lot of more devices invented which is used by the different people who have some kind of disabilities.

This is the best advantage of modern technology for youth.

 9.Technology Improved Banking:

Today’s world is the technological world. In every field, in human life, technology is used and improved human life.

Technology is also used in the banking system. It very improved the banking system.

The people have not to wait and struggles for the line in the banks.they can easily make a transaction of money from home. Or ITM machines.

The ITM(Automated teller machine) is now the place in every area. The Atm is connected to different banks.

The people have not to go to the banks and wait in line for their numbers. They have to go to the ATM machines and can easily make transactions, balance inquiry or withdraw.

The credit cards and debit card are also a type of technology.

With the help of these cards, people have not to make money in their pockets. They easily used their bank cards for shopping, the online transaction is also possible by these cards.

10. Cost Efficiency:

Technology makes things more and cheaper for people.

There is a lot of technological devices, gadgets or we can say machinery is available at a very cheap price for the people that you cannot imagine.

More ever technology helps people from different aspects. Which results in cost efficiency.

For a different kind of work, we required a lot of workers to do is done by machines and a few workers in a few minutes at fewer costs.

11. Safety by Having a Cell Phone to Call for Help:

The most portable technological device is cell phone.we can take it in our pocket to everywhere easily. Due to cell phones, we can contact someone very easily from everywhere.

A cell phone is the best communication technology by which we can communicate with our relatives, friends, and other peoples easily.

In case of emergency, we can contact someone easily for help. We can contact a polar ice station, or to a hospital for help in case of any kind of accident.

We feel Safety by Having a Cell Phone in our pocket to Call for Help to someone.

12.Social Networking Get Improved by Technology:

This is the best advantage of social media for our society and youth. The social network gets improved by the technology.

Technology plays a very important role in social networking. Due to the technology, we can communicate with the peoples easily and the social network gets to improve.

Due to technology, we can communicate with people and grow our social networking with people. (Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)  are the social media platforms by which we can communicate to the people and grow our social network.

Due to social media, we can easily gather any kind of information about pour interest on social media by communicating with the people.

Social media is the best platform for students to learn. They can easily collect any kind of information through social media.

13.Technology Better Communication Means:

Communication gets improved through technology. We can easily communicate with people, friends, and relatives.

There is a lot of ways to communicate with people, our relatives or friends. Before the invention of communicational technologies, we used letters to communicate with the people.

After the invention of communication media, the old way of communication is replaced by the new technology.

Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp are also a kind of communication media. Through this, we can communicate with people easily.

We can communicate to our relative on video calls, text messages, and voice calls.

I think this is the best advantage of technology for people. it saves our time and money in communication.

Ass I say Before the communication media we used letters for the communication. It wastes our time a lot.

14.Technology in Transportation:

Technology plays a very important role in transportation.  In today’s world, transportation becomes very easy due to technology.

We cannot imagine ourselves without technology to transport.

Cars, airplanes, bikes, and cycles or any other vehicles are the technological machines used for transportation.

We can easily judge from the fact of the distance between the SAUDI ARABIA and PAKISTAN is about 2500 km. We can easily cover it for a maximum of 3 hours.

Before the invention of these vehicles, people spend a lot of time maximum of 1 year to reach to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

Due to this transportation technology, it takes a maximum of 1 day to reach their destination.

15.Technology Saves Time:

There is a lot of technological devices or machines or gadgets, we save a lot of our time.

If we say something about transportation. So due to the vehicles, we reach our destination in a limited time.

Or we can say something about the forming. So due to the tractors or any other kind of forming machines we do a lot of farming workes in less time very easily.

Or if you want to find the right way for your destination you have not to waste your time .because the navigation app on your smartphone finds the best possible way for your destination.

There is more a lot of technology which saves us precious time. I mention some of the above.

16.Technology Easy Access to Relevant Information:

Access the relevant information become very easy due to technology.

Before technology, it was very difficult for students to access relevant information about their interests. They have to go to the libraries and study a lot of big books to find out the relevant information.

After the technology inventions, it becomes very for the students to access the relevant information. We have not to go to the libraries or study a lot of books.

They can easily find relevant information by their smartphones or laptops computers.

They have to open (www.google.com or www.yahoo.com  or bing.com) or any kind of search engines and search their topic of they want to find the information.

So they will get the relevant information easily through these search engines.

So these all are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth I discussed above.

I would love to hear your thoughts about What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth.

Give me your feedback in the comment section below. Let me know what you have in your mind or if you have any question in your mind about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth.

I will respond as soon as possible.

Keep reading and learning. Share it with your friends and relatives.

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