Reasons Why the Technology is bad For Education
Reasons Why the Technology is bad For Education

In this article, I will discuss the Reasons Why Technology is Bad for Education. that what are the reasons the technology is considered bad for education.

Today the world is technological. Everyone wants to work hard for their future. But there is a lot of reasons which stuck in every field of education from their goal.

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Reasons Why Technology is Bad for Education:

The reasons are the following.

1) Distractions in the Classroom for Students:

In education, most of the students are distracted because of wasting his/her
precious time of their life.

They waste their time playing games watch movies and songs. It has a bad effect on adults.

In student life no one care of their future. And that’s why they distracted and don’t move forward.

It also affects their behavior and most of the students doing those things which are not
related to their class.

I am a difficult task for students to learn something great, something new, something that is incredible.

During a lecture in the classroom, students miss their assignments and good
instructions which a teacher present.

This is due to talking. Talking in the classroom disturb and distract other is one of the great cause.

Students are not prepared mentally and not focusing on the lecture. This is a
great loss of a student.

2) Technology Disconnection on Honesty:

Technology cannot connect us due to some reasons.

  • The way students are not honest. There are some good people and
    some are bad people.
  • All the people don’t follow the way where is honesty. Honesty is the first thing in studying or working. And also in all fields, it has a great role.
  • Don’t care about our good days. And in last students are finding their jobs and they have no chance to reach that point due to their previous mistakes.

3) Playing Games on the Internet:

Most of the students playing games and are not studying well is a great is an essential part of disconnectivity.

smartphone affects the life of a disconnects student from their way. No one can want to do something substantial.

This is a type of technology which disturbs the life of a student.

4) Cheating in Exams by Using Technology:

Students can cheat in exams due to their poor skills of study. Cheating technology prevents students from learning.

Students can also enjoy and like is a way of dishonesty.

Most of the students in exams connect the Bluetooth with earpieces to leak they’re or share the instruction or information with other classmates.

Good students are become weak due to cheating or copying materials with another student.

It has a great impact on other good students who are studying well will
stick due to their classmates cheating.

5) Don’t Have Equal Access:

Students don’t have equal access this is because of technology. In most of the countries, there is not equal access to digital tools and education.

Like in urban schools they don’t provide the tools which are digital in education is a weakness of technology in rare countries.

6) Wrong Informations Available on the Internet: 

Delivering wrong information by students to one another on smartphones is also a great issue in most of the countries.

it has a huge effect on our society also. The student is too careless some times that they
forget their goals.

7) Students Using Smartphone:

The smartphone knows days a trend. this technology in the classroom wastes the time of students.

Most of the students during lectures are playing games like PUBG, CALL OF DUTY, watch movies.

The movies may be English or the other language but it has a bad effect on students future.

Students in the classrooms do not allow us to activate our mind or boost his/her mind. It also does not give feedback to the teacher due to smartphones.

8) Waste of Valuable Time:

Mostly the students waste their precious time on using the technology for entertainment. They are not aware of their future and don’t care for their future.

In each class maybe there is at least twenty-five students all use their laptop
at one time.

Technology has closely connected us with internet online world.we don’t know what we say in the real world.

That does not know that what will be happening around them.they are going in social media Tweeter, Facebook, etc. which is a way of wasting time.

9) Mentally Disturb by Using Technology:

Technology also increases mental illness day by day with more usage. Too much usage of internet can disturb students.

Headaches are caused by this way. Illness is due to the more activity taken by the man.

overloaded something on its mind can damage the brain also. if our mental health is to slow down it will lead to a big problem.

if we are looking sad or slow down it’s mean that we are mentally disorder.many of us today were dull in confusion.

Everything looks like a problem for the students.

10) Effects of Playing too Much Video Games:

Continuously playing video games can affect the brain badly. Researchers show that gaming increases the ability of the brain and affect brain activity.

The researchers also display that the brain of an expert gamer is more active and attentive than the non-attentive expert.

Playing games for a short time also change brain activity.

11) Replacing books with e-books:

Today books were not only in the labs it is also in the form of an app like e-book.e-books were used nowadays.

It is also a weak point of technology.for students it is also a problem. Students use notes, e-books instead of books. Book is like a friend.

Without books, life is tough because everything is nowadays available in the book. but unfortunately, most students do not read books they just read the entire notes.

12) Lost of learning time:

Most teachers do not have experience and not know how the technology works in the classrooms and how it is used. So it is a type of time-wasting.

There are some areas where a computer is available but students do not know about its operation and working. They have poor skills.

So It is the need of every man to get great experience with the computer. if we do not take
action on this problem it will be a great problem for future and time wasted.

Technology is not used as a sole to gain something incredible. Students can only be impressed by the new technology.

They cannot look at the information. So mostly students bore about the things that he/she do not know. today technology was growing rapidly.

New things coming day by day.this the weakness of a student that he does not have the skills. Every man today were busy to find a job.

but practically he has no skills to move onward. Every 2 nd man in the world want to get a job and get millionaire but it is impossible.

because it depends on the struggle. Nothing is impossible in the world if you work hard and pay attention to its work.

13) Technology Discourage Students to Learn More:

Most students find an easy way of using different websites for himself to search out the difficulties in it.

it is an illegal way of is a common mistake that every student can do it frequently(spelling mistake).

students do not want to spend the time in gaining some new things in life.


The above all discussion is about the reasons why technology is bad for students in education.

if you have something in your mind about this article. you can feedback and comment in the comment section below. I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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